Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Hankel's specialty and expertise is the chiropractic adjustment.  It is through the chiropractic adjustment that true healing and transformation occurs.  In your first visit and every visit, Dr. Hankel will check you for subluxations.  The word subluxation means "less" "light" "expression".  When the vertebrae in your spine go out of alignment, it creates a block between the signals running from your brain to your body.  This means your body won't work well.  You might experience back pain, headaches, numbness, tingling in your extremities, allergies, asthma, trouble sleeping, heartburn/indigestion, difficulty gaining or losing weight and more.  Through the gentle and effective chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Hankel provides with precision and purpose, you will begin to see a change in your health, less pain, more energy, better sleep, your appetite may return or decrease, you will become in balance and your body will work so won't even have to think about it.  So...what are you waiting for?  We are excited that you have taken a courageous step into your health and life.  We are here to return you back to you.

A note about the adjustment:  Dr. Hankel will educate you more about the chiropractic adjustment in your visit, However, please know we don't "pop" or "crack" anything.  If chiropractors were doing would not be legal.  In fact, the "noise" isn't necessary for the chiropractic adjustment to work.  It is simply an air/gas release and everyone who Dr. Hankel has adjusted loves it.  Don't let this stop you from being healthy and feeling good.

Adhesion Breaking/Scar Tissue Reduction

When we have injuries, whether they happened from one incident or over time, our bodies create scar tissue as a way to protect the area and to allow the rest of our bodies to work.  However, scar tissue, when it remains, tends to grow, cause pain, decrease range of motion to the point where it interferes with you being able to do what you love.  For example,  patients who experience shoulder pain may not realize that the scar tissue could be in their bicep or upper back, preventing them from fully healing.  Dr. Hankel will assess your whole body thoroughly to ensure optimal results.

Dr. Hankel uses specially made metal tools, which have a smooth edge that breaks up scar tissue, painlessly.  The service is included in each visit*.  Adhesion breaking/scar tissue removal, also known as "muscle scraping", has 4 main mechanisms as to why it works.  The first is it increases angiogenesis which is the development of new blood vessels.  This is beneficial because we want blood flow to the injured area.  Blood carries nutrients tissues need for maintenance of their integrity.  Second, muscle scraping initiates the production of basophils, which then causes an increase in histamine.  Histamine is part of our body's inflammatory response and opens up capillaries so white blood cells can come in to fight infection - thus expelling the old tissue from the area.  Lastly adhesion breaking increases fibroblast production - which is the laying down of new tissue.  When the scar tissue is decreased or out of the way - so to speak - it makes room for new tissue to develop thus renewing your body to function as it should.

*Please note that this service is included in each visit for cash patients only.  Some insurance plans do not cover this service.  If patients request this service they will be required to pay a nominal fee beyond their copay.

Muscle Testing

Dr. Hankel uses muscle testing as a method to ensure your brain is communicating with your body effectively (and vice versa).  Your brain tells your body to do what it is supposed to do through your spine.  Dr. Hankel will test the levels in your spine to see which ones could be out of alignment.  With muscle testing it is not about how strong you are, it's about function and your response, how fast (or slow) the signal is traveling from your brain to your body.  While it might sound unconventional, it does have a scientific backing.  When one needs to move their arm or leg, while we don't need to "think" about it, our brain says "okay body move your right leg" and the leg, in fractions of a second does so.  However, if there are bones in your spine out of alignment on the way to your leg, there may be a delay.  Most patients aren't aware of this, because humans are so adaptable that we often don't notice dysfunction.  Dr. Hankel performs these tests in your first visit especially to make an assessment of how your brain is communicating with your body.  You can literally see the before and after difference of how well your body is working after your visit.  She also uses muscle testing in the kinesiotaping process - explained in more detail below.  However, like all concepts, one has to see it for themselves to really understand it.  It is very cool.


Most people have seen kinesio-taping while watching the Olympics.  It comes in many patterns and colors.  Dr. Hankel utilizes it as a compliment to the chiropractic adjustment.  She will use a muscle test to ensure the tape is placed in the right location, as it is not always over the place of pain.  The tape is light and flexible.  Patients can shower and return to normal activities with it on.  Generally it stays on for 3-5 days, however, there is no requirement.  Patients report the tape barely feels like it's there.  In addition, they immediately notice a decrease in pain and increased range of motion in that area.  Kinesio-taping is included in every visit as needed.  However, much like the adhesion breaking above, it may not be covered by insurance.  In this case, it is an extra $5 to be taped professionally.

Extremity Adjusting/Mobility

In addition to the chiropractic spinal adjustment, Dr. Hankel also offers extremity (ribs, hands, wrists, feet, shoulders, etc.) adjustments.  You are a whole person, not just a spine.  The bones in our extremities can go out of alignment just as easily as our spine can.  For example, the foot, has 26 bones in each, this means a quarter of all your bones are in your feet.  We walk, kick, run, drive, jump, fall, wear uncomfortable shoes etc.  These bones become stuck.  Then we continue to walk on "stuck/immobile" feet and this sends stress all the way up our spines - which can cause our vertebrae to go out of alignment as well.  Dr. Hankel checks all areas of your body when you come in, not just the area of pain, if she finds your ribs, feet, wrists, elbows are contributing to your problem, she will assess it and adjust those areas accordingly.  She will also educate you on the importance of proper foot wear, stretches, joint mobility and more.  Movement is life.

Onsite/Corporate Wellness Services/Chiropractor for a day

Dr. Hankel offers onsite chiropractic care at your company/place of business or event. Simply let her know (via email at or call/text 360.909.2566) that your company or organization is interested in having this great service onsite, and she will do the rest.  It can be for long term or for one day! It's fast, easy, inexpensive, and most of all, convenient!  Please inquire about rates, as each business may have different needs. Dr. Hankel is happy to provide you this awesome service. Thank you!