Welcome to Integrity Chiropractic

Congratulations!  You have begun the path to being healthy, pain free, and living optimally and independently throughout your life.  Yes, it is possible!  Our intention is to help you live full out, be able to do what you need to in your life, as well as do what you love.  Whether that is working to provide for your family, playing ball with the kids, working on cars, traveling, or sitting down to dinner comfortably with those you love, Dr. Hankel is committed to helping you live your best life.  Having your health, returns you to who you really are, healthy, happy, and free to enjoy your life.  Our phone number is:  360.909.2566.


Why Dr. Hankel Became a Chiropractor: 

Dr. Hankel began seeing a chiropractor after a debilitating bout of low back pain while working for a large corporation.  As a direct result of chiropractic care, her low back pain was eliminated and most importantly, her whole life changed. She experienced having more energy, better sleep; even lost weight.  She knew she wanted to do this for others.  She quit her corporate job and moved to California to attend a 4 year graduate program - to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. During her chiropractic education she learned that chiropractic has benefits beyond relief from back pain.  Chiropractic is about our body functioning at its best, as it's meant to. Her intention is to promote optimal health & well-being through the gentle and healing chiropractic adjustment.  Anything is possible. Let's begin.

“look well to the spine for the cause and prevention of dis-ease.”

— Hippocrates

Chiropractic is popular all over the world. Although the chiropractic profession was founded in the United States in 1895, spinal manipulation has a long history of use in China.

Chiropractic Care has benefits beyond relief from back pain.  It's been shown to decrease/eliminate headaches, improve breathing, decrease asthma and/or allergy symptoms and much more.

A study in the 90s revealed that people who are under regular chiropractic care tend towards making more money - this is because they feel good and they are at their best.