Whole Body Reset

Dr. Hyre is offering a Whole Body Reset Program.  You may click here to book the first appointment.  The program consists of 10 total visits and they are spread out between 3 - 6 months of time.  Included in each visit is concentration and focus on one major area of the body, a gentle and effective adjustment to the full spine and area of focus.  Kinesio-taping is also included The whole program is $999.  You may split the cost up in 3 payments of $333, or pay all of it up front.  See below for explanation of each visit.  More detail is available by following the book now link and clicking on Whole Body Reset.  All visits are 30 minutes except for the first one (45 min) if you are a new client.  Please bring a pair of shorts for the first 4 visits and make sure you're wearing a tank top underneath your clothing for visits 5-9.

Visit 1 - Feet
Visit 2 - Calves/Lower Legs
Visit 3 - IT Bands/Hips (mostly posterior & sides of hips)
Visit 4 - Quadriceps/Hip Flexors
Visit 5 - Lower to Middle Back
Visit 6 - Middle back to Upper back/Trapezius
Visit 7 - Upper Back/Shoulders
Visit 8 - Arms/Triceps/Forearms
Visit 9 - Hands/Wrists
Visit 10 - Patient's Choice


Prepaid packages of 5, 10, & 20 are available at 10%, 15% & 20% off respectively.  These are different than the Whole Body Reset, in that they are regular visits without a great deal of focus.  These are here so patients can obtain quality & regular chiropractic care at lower costs.

Note:  Patients may make monthly payments for packages of 10 or more.

-Package of 5 (15 minute visits):  $247.50 ($27.50 savings)
-Package of 10 (15 minute visits):  $467.50 ($82.50 savings)
-Package of 5 (30 minute visits):  $382.50 ($42.50 savings)
-Package of 10 (30 minute visits):  $722.50 ($127.50 savings)
-Package of 20 (15 minute visits): $880 ($220 savings)
-Package of 20 (30 minute visits): $1360 ($340 savings)