Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Hyre's specialty and expertise is the chiropractic adjustment.  It is through the chiropractic adjustment that true healing and transformation occurs.  In your first visit and every visit, Dr. Hyre will check you for subluxations.  The word subluxation means "less" "light" "expression".  When the vertebrae in your spine go out of alignment, it creates a block between the signals running from your brain to your body.  This means your body just won't work well, you might experience pain, headaches, numbness, tingling in your extremities, allergies, asthma, trouble sleeping, difficulty gaining or losing weight and so much more.  Through the gentle and effective chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Hyre provides with precision and purpose, you will begin to see a change in your health, less pain, more energy, better sleep, your appetite may return or decrease, you will become in balance and your body will work so won't even have to think about it.  So...what are you waiting for?  We are excited for you that you have taken a courageous step into your health and life. We are here to return you back to you.

A note about the adjustment:  Dr. Hyre will educate you more about the chiropractic adjustment in your visit, however, please know we don't "pop" or "crack" anything.  If chiropractors were doing would not be legal.  In fact, the "noise" isn't necessary for the chiropractic adjustment to work.  It is simply an air/gas release and everyone who Dr. Hyre has adjusted LOVES it.  Don't let this stop you from being healthy and feeling good.

Other Awesome Services

In addition to the adjustment, we also offer other amazing modalities including myofascial release, muscle testing, exercise/mobility recommendations, muscle scraping, kinesiotaping, nutrition recommendations and more.  We do not emphasize these services because it's the chiropractic adjustment that helps the most.  While these other services are important and Dr. Hyre is more than happy to offer them, nothing replaces the chiropractic adjustment.  If your brain isn't talking to your body through your spine - then we can do all the massage, myofascial release, exercise etc, but they won't be AS effective unless the bones in your spine are in alignment. 

Case Study

A few months ago, a man in his 50s came in with debilitating back pain.  He was leaning off to the left and could not bend his right leg, walking with a "dragged foot" because it was so painful to walk normally.  In the first visit, Dr. Hyre assessed he had a herniated disc.  In fact, many of the orthopedic tests we could not do because he was in so much pain.  With Dr. Hyre's experience and extensive knowledge of the body and spine - she immediately went to work and found that the patient's spine was subluxated (out of alignment) in his neck, middle back, and lower back.  After doing muscle scraping, applying heat, and doing soft tissue work to help his back relax enough to receive an adjustment, Dr. Hyre administered a GENTLE chiropractic adjustment to his low back, neck, and mid back.  After his visit he could walk easier and his pain had gone from a 10 (highest) to a 5.  Amazing.  The point is, it was the chiropractic adjustment that made the difference and continues to do so.  Within 2 weeks of consistent treatment, the patient was able to return to work at a very labor intensive job and has been able to work since.  He is back to normal and he says that he will NEVER go without going to a chiropractor on a regular basis as a way to stay healthy, enjoy life, and keep working as long as he wants and needs to.  At Hyre Chiropractic we understand that people must be able to work, to provide, to play, to sleep, shower, and all the important stuff that we sometimes take for granted.  Our intention is to return you to your life - one chiropractic adjustment at a time.  Finally, the Chiropractic Adjustment is the most important and effective part of your visit and Dr. Hyre's intention is to give you the best one - every time.

Onsite/Corporate Wellness Services

Dr. Hyre offers onsite Chiropractic Care at your company.  She will bring chiropractic care to your workday.  Simply let her know your company or organization is interested in having this great service onsite, and she will do the rest.  It's fast, easy, inexpensive, and most of all, convenient!  All services below are offered in office or at onsite/corporate locations in the Portland/Vancouver area!  Inquire today on how you can bring wellness to your work!