Prepaid packages of 5, 10, & 20 are available.  Savings below.  The more you buy the more you save.  These are here so patients can obtain quality & regular chiropractic care at lower costs.  In these visits:  everything is included:  kinesiotaping, heat, exercise/nutrition recommendations, chiropractic adjustment etc.

-5 (15 minute visits):  $249 ($26 savings)
-10 (15 minute visits):  $479 ($71 savings)
-5 (30 minute visits):  $389 ($36 savings)
-10 (30 minute visits):  $739 ($111 savings)
-20 (15 minute visits): $909 ($191 savings)
-20 (30 minute visits): $1399 ($301 savings)

Whole Body Reset

The program consists of 10 visits (1 visit per week).  Each visit will focus on a specific area of the body and includes:  adhesion breaking/scar tissue removal (see Services), a gentle and effective chiropractic adjustment to the full spine and area of focus, as well as kinesio-taping (if needed).  This amazing program is only $999.  Each visit is 45 minutes.  You may click here to book the first appointment.  This is for people who want to completely reset their body from head to toe.  After each visit you will feel revived, refreshed, and most of all, reset.  This is also a great program for people who are training for a marathon, race, or sports competition. Payment options are available. You may break it up into 3 payments of$333. The 2nd and 3rd payment is due at the 4th and 7th visit (respectively).

Visit 1 - Patient's Choice - Let's start with your problem area(s) first.
Visit 2 - Feet
Visit 3 - Calves/Lower Legs
Visit 4 - IT Bands/Hips (mostly back & sides of hips)
Visit 5 - Quadriceps/Hip Flexors
Visit 6 - Lower to Middle Back
Visit 7 - Middle Back to Upper Back/Trapezius
Visit 8 - Upper Back/Shoulders
Visit 9 - Arms/Triceps/Forearms
Visit 10 - Hands/Wrists

Refunds and Expiration Dates

Patients are given 14 days from the date of purchase for a full refund on a package (less any used portion at the full visit price).  After 14 days, packages are non refundable.  Packages of 5 visits have a 3 month expiration date.  Packages of 10 have a 6 month expiration, packages of 20 - 1 year.