It Works!

"I've been to several chiropractors in my life. some at first were sincere practitioners, as time went on it became more about efficiency & moving people through. Dr. Hyre is a highly sensitive & informative practitioner. She is patient, knowledgeable & physically strong. If you are looking for a fancy office & slick presentation, this is the wrong place. If you have a need for a real chiropractor, I would highly recommend her."
-Gary B.

"Dr. Sarah Hyre is an answered prayer. in less than 24 hours I have remarkable improvement in my walking without pain. Her amazing style and technique is a wonderful gift and a blessing to my healing journey. She is a beautiful instrument of nurturing light."
-Sharon M.

"To start, she is a great listener. worked out a program specifically for my needs. we committed and now my body feels better. learned so much about healing and exercises."
-Francisco R.

"Dr. Sarah is a fantastic chiropractor. I first saw her for acute pain, but have continued regular care for almost a year. not only did the immediate pain go away, I have seen a marked improvement in my overall health. She is attentive and grounded in her practice, and I continually recommend her to friends and family."
-Jasmine W.

" Dr. Hyre is very pleasant and professional. I felt very comfortable. She explained what she was doing as she went along, and her adjustments have left me feeling like new again. Thank you!! I will definitely be returning."
-Andrea C.