When is it time to be seen by a Chiropractor?

When is it time to see a chiropractor?  Great question.  The short answer is now!  

Here are the reasons people seek chiropractic care:  neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, ankle sprain, high blood pressure, migraines, low back pain, heartburn/indigestion, asthma, allergies, insomnia, depression, anxiety, ear aches, colic, nausea, dizziness/vertigo, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, bell's palsy, wellness...and much more.

I pay attention to people around me.  When they express that they have an ankle problem, knee problem, headaches, I often turn this into an opportunity to educate.  Most people think chiropractors work with back pain only.  Chiropractors are Doctors of the Nervous System, and your nervous system controls everything in your body - from head to toe.  We deal with all aspects of health/dis-ease, not just back pain.  Though if you're bleeding and/or have had a health emergency...please go to the ER.

I recently had a client come in after two months of trying everything to heal Bell's Palsy.  Bell's Palsy is a condition where one side of your face goes numb.  My patient could not sleep (b/c she couldn't close her eye) and had tried everything including steroids prescribed by her doctor.  After her first chiropractic visit she could close her eye, and after about 5 visits, she had full use of the side of her face that had been numb just a few days prior!  It took about a year to heal from it, but she had nearly 80% improvement after just a few visits.

The reason chiropractic works is because your brain communicates with your body through your spine.  When your spine is out of alignment, called a subluxation, dis-ease results - symptoms - pain, numbness, tingling, pinched nerves, headaches, etc.  Seeing a chiropractor first is recommended, because we are well trained in the human body and nervous system.  If we can't help you, it is our responsibility to recommend you elsewhere, surgery, medication, etc.  go ahead, try it.  You're worth it.

Benefits of chiropractic care:  decreases or eliminates pain, increases flexibility, better sleep, more energy, helps you return to doing what you love, fewer or no headaches, and so much more!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Sarah Hyre, DC